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        1. silicon nitride Ceramic pin

          silicon nitride Ceramic pin
          • silicon nitride Ceramic pin
          Product name : silicon nitride Ceramic pin
          Product No. : 201851621549
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          Silicon Nitride Ceramic pin Advantage.
          1. high strength, toughness, excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance.
          2.The high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion make it very resistant to thermal shock.
          3.the silicon nitride material is hardly wetted by many molten metals.
          4.Silicon Nitride material is light weight than metal.

          The silicon nitride positioning pins are used as projection welding (spot welding), insulative silicon nitride positioning pins can completely avoid the passage of unnecessary current, avoid sparks between the pins and the workpiece, and the high silicon nitride The wear-resistant feature allows the workpiece to be accurately positioned for a long time. The welded workpiece maintains a very high quality and high yield. And because of the avoidance of sparks, the workpiece does not need to add extra holes.
          Silicon nitride is an insulating material. With respect to the conductive material, the screw cap does not need to be removed after the welding, which reduces the number of processes, improves the efficiency, and improves the welding quality.

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